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  1. Opening Day – WV Box & Ship – The Dominion Post

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    A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Friday for WV Box & Ship, a new business at 1405 Earl. L Core Road. WV Box & Ship is a center for packaging, shipping, printing, and business service needs. Its goal is to save people and businesses money with quality products and customer service.

    Hours are from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday-Friday and from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday. Find out more info at or call 304.322.2192.

    – The Dominion Post



  2. Defense In Depth, D.I.D. You Shoot Today?

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    Range.  Simulators.  Training.  Firearms.

    Two years ago, Marstiller’s Gun Shop and Range sold their property on Collins Ferry Road to Monongalia County’s Board of Education. Today, Suncrest Elementary is under construction. For many gun enthusiasts, a positive development for Monongalia County’s school system has left a significant market void. Black Diamond Realty is pleased to announce that void will be filled in 2017.

    The facility will truly be a 360 degree approach to self-defense catering to all types of people (women, beginners, firearm enthusiasts, young, elderly, students, hunters, law enforcement, military, etc.). The facility will be upscale, safe, attractive, secure, and inviting.

    D.I.D. will include classes and training (concealed carry, firearm selection & safety, NRA classes, self-defense, hand-to-hand, hunting license, marksmanship, etc.), home/office/building safety & defense assessments, interactive simulators (live and non-live fire) with hundreds of customizable scenarios (emergency situations, law enforcement, self-defense, zombies, wild west, Call of Duty, target practice, etc.), a ten 25-yard pistol lanes and six 50-yard rifle lanes, member lounge with lockers, retail sales, etc.

    The facility will be open to the public and also include memberships with perks and discounts. The ranges will be available for group bookings, team building events, date nights, competitions, private training sessions, etc.

    The scope of the project is grand, including a major building façade, lighting, and signage upgrade. The staff will be comprised of personable instructors with top-flight credentials. The facility will meet or exceed all applicable NIOSH and EPA regulations, City of Morgantown and State Fire Marshal building codes, and ATF requirements. D.I.D. has conducted extensive due diligence with industry-leading experts within the gun range building, HVAC, and acoustical professions. They also attended the 2016 NRA Range Development & Operating Conference. There will be no compromises when it comes to developing and operating a safe, clean, and professional facility.

    Could your business benefit from cohabitating with a destination-oriented use that drives traffic? If so, we encourage you to consider leasing space at Sabraton Plaza. For more information, check out the following link: Sabraton Plaza – Marketing Flyer


    D.I.D. Mission Statement:

    Defense In Depth is a 360 degree approach to self-defense.  Personal security is maximized by layering a series of complementary defensive tactics that increase security as a whole.  Our team focuses on customizing diverse defensive strategies for individuals, families, businesses, and institutions designed to create an effective system of independent protection strategies intended to work together to increase their dependability as a whole.