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  1. October Newsletter

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    Roads to Prosperity

    In 1971, West Virginia’s country roads became a main stream topic when John Denver released his international hit song. The serene views and natural beauty are challenging to enjoy without proper infrastructure to access them. Governor Justice’s “Roads to Prosperity” plan has the potential to positively influence West Virginia’s future. The goal is embedded in the plan’s slogan: No New Tax. Better Roads. More Jobs. Simple, straightforward and packed with tremendous opportunity to change our state’s story.

    West Virginia residents are on the precipice of a monumental opportunity. New/Improved roads could be the stimulus for an economic boom via job creation plus greater accessibility and safety. Click the following links to see the: 10 Good Reasons to Say Yes! provided by TRIP, and the: Roads to Prosperity Amendment of 2017 provided by the WV Chamber of Commerce.

    How could this vote positively affect the northern part of the state? Click the following link to review the proposed road projects that will be completed after the road bond is approved: Proposed Road Projects

    Polls are open from now until October 7th. Now is the time to positively influence West Virginia’s future can help change our state’s story. New/Improved “country roads” will make it easier for people to enjoy our state’s beauty.