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  1. Black Diamond Realty: A Decade of Achievement

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    Black Diamond Realty is celebrating its 10th anniversary – an occasion to celebrate and reflect.  Ten years of successful service, dedication, and growth is a testament to our firm’s foundation, team, clients, innovation, culture, and communities.  It has not been easy, yet we embrace challenges as learning opportunities, which lead to refined processes that better serve our constituents.  Theodore Roosevelt said, “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…”

    The firm’s growth has been organic, strategic, and partnership based.  Our team prides itself on continual learning and innovation, all while staying true to our core principles rooted in integrity.  Black Diamond’s model delivers high-quality client service and authentic connections within our communities.

    Reaching the 10-year milestone is thrilling.  We look forward to raising the standard and elevating expectations, over the next decade.  On that note, let’s highlight ten of Black Diamond’s elements for success.

    We do it the best.  Our three in-house graphic designers deliver exceptional presentations for every property.  We work to craft marketing materials that align with our clients’ goals and make their assets shine.

    We are proactive.  We use market data and analysis to brainstorm appropriate buyers/tenants for a project and actively pursue them.

    Black Diamond’s team is the difference.  Each Associate and marketing professional is comprehensive, committed, customized, and connected.  Teamwork is at the core of our culture and instilled within our playbook for success.

    Black Diamond’s mission is instilled with HITH stands for hard work, honesty, and humility;  I stands for integrity, innovation, and intelligence;  T stands for trust, teamwork, and tenacity.

    Our mission is to enhance the well-being of individuals and communities through our team’s service and by empowering clients to achieve great success in both their professional and personal lives through commercial real estate opportunities.

    Be the dominant commercial brokerage firm in the region, all while embracing our core competencies, focusing on our formula for success, and providing unparalleled service.

    The Black Diamond team delivers on every angle by taking a detailed approach to achieving our clients’ goals.

    The Black Diamond team is dedicated to service that ensures the success of our clients and community.

    The Black Diamond team designs personalized plans, based on client and community needs, to provide the highest level of service.

    The Black Diamond team possesses a unique network of resources that continues to grow through community involvement, contribution, and transforming developments.

    Thank you to our clients!  We treasure our relationships and understand they are built upon trust, transparency, and dedication.  Cheers to triumphs we have experienced with you and to the success we pledge to achieve in the years ahead!


    Article written by: Mark J. Nesselroad, Broker