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  1. Buyer-Tenant Representation: How Black Diamond Can Assist You

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    Choosing the commercial real estate that is the best fit for you and your success can be tricky. Does the location align with the business’ demographic focus? How will visibility and accessibility positively or negatively influence the business’ performance? What deal structure preserves capital while minimizing long-term risks? These are a few examples of many challenging and complex questions that should be thoroughly analyzed when striking a commercial real estate deal.

    Black Diamond can be your commercial real estate parachute. Our team of experts adds value to a buyer and/or tenant representation relationship by providing sound market and experience-driven advice, utilizing resources to thoroughly canvass the market for all assets which potentially service your needs, advocating for your best interests during the negotiation process, connecting you with helpful professionals, and taking a comprehensive, team-oriented approach focused on looking out for your best interests. Our team works hard to service and protect our clients’ interests.

    Commercial real estate transactions are complex with many potential hurdles. The information below is intended to expand upon reasons you should consider securing buyer and/or tenant representation when searching for your next commercial real estate asset.

    • Expertise/Market Knowledge.  We all have areas of expertise in life. One individual’s strength is another’s weakness. Day in and day out, our team of experts are discussing, assessing, experiencing and closing complex deals in the commercial real estate markets we serve. This experience creates market knowledge that is unique to working in the commercial real estate trenches on a daily basis. Market knowledge can help minimize the risk associated with choosing an asset that becomes a profitable venture versus a financially challenged and stressful endeavor.
    • Greater Options.  Our team has access to off-market opportunities which are properties with no public advertising. A prospective tenant or buyer receives a greater range of opportunity when working with a real estate professional. The contacts we have developed in the region allow us to ensure our clients have a comprehensive understanding of the available assets that could service their company’s needs.
    • Connections.  Successfully navigating commercial real estate transactions requires knowledge in a number of specialty fields. Some of those fields include, but are not limited to, real estate law, construction, accounting, banking and marketing. Our team of experts works with regional professionals on a daily basis. Through our exposure to thousands of deals, we have developed a referral network of professionals that we feel confident can properly service the various needs of your organization.
    • Lease vs. Buy.  Our team has a strong understanding of underwriting, preservation of capital and resources needed to continue to grow. Having an open dialogue about the decision to buy or lease is healthy to ensure the correct long-term decision is executed.
    • Experienced Negotiators.  Navigating a commercial real estate negotiation is a dance. Many unknowns can arise. Exposed to thousands of deals over a collective career, BDR’s team has seen myriad circumstances. We utilize that experience and exposure to help our clients successfully navigate the negotiation to finalize a deal.
    • Save Time & Money.  Hiring a team of experts allows you to focus your time on your business while knowing a professional is working in your best interest. We handle most items needed in the process.  For the items we do not handle, we have referrals to specialty services (see Connections above). There is typically no cost to a buyer/tenant representation except in unique scenarios. Traditionally, the seller/landlord pays the brokerage fees.

    Whether you are in the market for investment assets, office, industrial, land or retail space, we will assist you with finding the right location and property. Clients benefit from our market knowledge, putting them on the inside track to evaluate locations, rental rates and purchase prices, negotiate lease and purchase agreements, and assess other pros/cons. We specialize in finding properties that are off market or not advertised as available, and we can recommend knowledgeable attorneys, architects, engineers, contractors, accountants, and other professionals to assist any purchase or lease transaction.

    We understand that every situation is unique, ranging from large corporations to small local businesses, which is why we tailor our approach to meet the needs of each industry. When you choose Black Diamond as your buyer-tenant representative, you will gain support from a brokerage firm that will help you achieve you short or long-term goals.

    If your business’s lease is near expiration or you’re looking to relocate or expand, call us today at 304.413.4350 and we will assist you in evaluating a new location for success!